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We ran several rounds of workshops with multiple vendors to see, what they would be able to propose for our issue. S9Y were the only ones able to prove the theory and show a practical PoC.

Manager at
Generali Česká Pojišťovna
Nikola Bozadziev

Cooperation with S9Y is extremely flawless, the same way as if they were directly our team members. We do not consider them just to be external partners, they are simply a part of the team.

Co-founder & CEO of Spendee
David Navečeřal

No job is 'finished' half way done. They will alert you about problems and do not withhold any information. They want to complete everything to the maximum performance! You know that they are not taking advantage of anything.

Head of Client Side Department
at Tacticaware
Martin Opletal

The key aspects of our partnership with S9Y are their performance, flexibility, and precise work. S9Y reacts quickly to requests and can change the applications during testing if they’re not working as we’d like.

Business Development Manager
at Workpress Aviation
Jitka Civínová

They see themselves as partners in your project, so they are always very invested in the quality of the final product.

Founder & CEO of Vím o všem
Josef Beneš

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